Cooking Class Vacation: Mastering Portuguese Delicacies

08/01/2012 17:08
Portugal has an limitless supply of clean seafoods. It is an perfect nation to just ignore your daily diet and try out their local delicacies. Portugal is known as a culinary melting pot, being heavily swayed by India, Africa, and Brazil. Portuguese take advantage of cinnamon, rice, lemons, olives, cashews, and curry in their traditional dishes of stews, pork, and fish. A international cooking class adventure could be a great way to taste the special flavor of their delicacies. You can study probably the most popular Portuguese recipes by registering in diverse cooking courses.


This meal is a Portuguese sausage produced using meat, just like pork, chicken, duck, or veal. It is cooked by frying in olive oil and serving it with boiled vegetables and potatoes. The dish was introduced by Jews during the Portuguese inquisition as a strategy to deceive the inquisition.


Caldeira is a mixed fish stew that could contain shellfish. The stew is made of onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. The dish is seasoned with spices or herbs, such as cloves, curry powder, ground ginger, nutmeg, and saffron.


Bacalhau is a salted cod. The meal is prepared in many ways and regarded as a delicacy. It is served on unique events, just like Christmas Day and during Holy Week. Salted cod is a common dish during Good Fridays.

Portuguese cooking is characterized by rich and delicious food that depend on Mediterranean influence. The mixture of pork, chicken, herbs, wild plants, and onions, all finely spiced with paprika, cinnamon, as well as saffron generates a different and delectable cuisine.

The country is famous for their delicacies. Portuguese delicacies is diverse from other Countries in europe. Fish and seafood are big aspects of Portuguese diet. They have a reputation ingesting culinary practices from other countries. Fish is one of the common standard Portuguese foods. From anchovy to salmon, you may experience the country's fresh seafood. Learn Portuguese cooking by registering in diverse cooking courses.

The country's rich historical traditions has led in forming their exemplary delicacies. The Portuguese have come up with their fine art of cooking by the assets left by foreign occupants. Two of the most popular components of Portuguese cooking are pine nuts and olive oil. These two are the principal plants of the nation that has led well in their economic climate. To enrich the flavour and level of quality of their gourmet cooking, they use these two spices or herbs in their food.

Gourmet food from Portugal is famous throughout the world due to the abundant aroma and taste. The Portuguese combine unique strategies to establish world-renowned dishes. For this reason numerous food enthusiasts consider going for a cooking class vacation in Portugal. Besides experiencing Portugal's standard cuisine, it's possible to also taste the diversity of European cuisine.

Figure out how to prepare authentic and local Portuguese cuisine by having hands-on cooking classes. Many international cooking class adventure courses highlight meals from blending the country's history and culture. By registering in a Portuguese cooking school, you can explore the unique flavours of their food items. Increase your culinary experience and take advantage of everything Portugal provides.